Our Instructors

Rachael Robinson-Mathis | CNA/CMA Instructor
Rachael Robinson, LPN/ CNA Instructor
I am Rachael Robinson-Mathis, a healthcare professional from Tulsa, Oklahoma. With 13 years of experience, I am passionate about continuous growth and serving my community, particularly focusing on Afro-American health. My goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner, and I've learned that determination and perseverance are key to achieving success, regardless of how long it takes.
Treatha Rayford LPN Instructor
Treatha Rayford, RN/ LPN Instructor
Treatha is a seasoned RN with 37 years of experience in nursing. She is passionate about raising up the next generation of nurses to proactively provide the needs of our patients. Treatha believes in the holistic approach to nursing, emphasizing the partnership between nurse and patient to make sure all of the patients needs are met.Treatha Rayford
Tonya Cannady HSETC Tulsa Instructor
Tonya Cannady, RN/ LPN Instructor
Tonya Cannady worked as a CNA at St. John Hospital prior to receiving her LPN at Tulsa Tech in 2005.  Tonya worked as a LPN at St. John, a pediatric Home health nurse, and as a nurse in the homes with clients in the DDSD field.
Shanette Harring, LPN/ CNA Instructor
Shanette Harring graduated from Platt College as a LPN in 2007. Shanette's work experience consist of 6 years at St. Francis hospital, 2 of which included working as a Certified Nurse Aide. She is currently employed at the VA outpatient clinic and has been there 9 years.
Theresa Basham-Taylor, LPN/ CNA Instructor
Theresa Basham-Taylor is a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 20 years of experience but before that she worked as a CNA at St Johns medical center for 3 years. Theresa has been teaching for CNA students for over 7 years before that she taught Medical Assistants.
Angel Green, LPN/ CMA Instructor
Angel Green is a Licensed Practical Nurse and has over 10yrs of experience. Angel has worked as a floor nurse and in management in LTC facilities, skilled/rehab facilities, assisted living facilities, and most recently in hospice. Prior to that she worked as CNA, CMA, Restorative Aide, and Home Health/Hospice Aide for 10yrs. Angel is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Licensed Nurse with training as an End-of-Life Doula and is very passionate about end-of-life care.
LaToya Smith, RN/ LPN Instructor
Latoya is a Nursepreneur with 15 years of bedside experience, designing nursing education solutions with the right tech and touch. She's the author of the Trap Guide to Nursing Dosage Calculation™️ and the founder of The Dose Calc Academy™️, Dose Calc App™️, and Dose Calc Live™️. Recognized as the nurse of the day in both houses of the Oklahoma Congress in 2020, Latoya is committed to transforming nursing education and practice.
Dana Wade, RT/ Simulation Instructor
Dana is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Care Practitioner with over 20 years of experience.  She currently serves on a Critical Care Response Team with Tribal Health for the US Government educating physicians and staff in remote reservation locations across the country. Dana enjoyed spending 8 years of her career as a Professor in Texas where she taught at the bedside as well as in the classroom.  She has spent the majority of her career in ICU settings for both adults and pediatrics. She was featured in the AARC Life and Breath recruiting film, as well as named Intrepid Respiratory Therapist for Tribal Health Systems in 2021. She is the founder of Just Breathe RT, which provides services to the community and healthcare professionals alike.  Dana's primary passion is helping those who help others, and believes staying humble while educating others is a key factor in helping them become successful.