Questions Before You Become A CNA in Tulsa

How do I become a CNA in Tulsa?

You can take our 10 day CNA classes at HSEC and get certified and start a rewarding career not long after that!

In Tulsa, the need for CNAs has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Especially in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa County area!

How Long Does It Take To Become A CNA in Oklahoma?

At HSEC we have a 10 day CNA program! That's right our Tulsa CNA training will have you set up with everything needed to start your assistant nursing career. We take pride in our students passing their CNA exam and becoming certified nurse aides!

CNA Classes Tulsa

How Much Does A CNA Course Cost In Oklahoma?

You can start you intro into the healthcare field for as little as $350 at HSEC! We set you up with everything you need to start working as a nursing assistant.

We are located just west of downtown Tulsa! We have helped hundreds of students get on the path to being employed in nursing homes, hospitals or nursing service companies all across Oklahoma. When it comes time for your CNA exam HSEC will provide you with the material and coaching needed to pass your CNA exam.

What is a CNA?

A CNA is a nursing assistant. A nursing assistant helps provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other nursing facilities. Being trained at HSEC will get you on this wonderful career path!

How do I get certified as a nursing assistant?

The Health and Safety Education Consultants Center (HSEC) is a nursing assistant program training facility providing classes to answer potential student's questions before signing up.

It's very important for nursing assistants to not only be trained but also certified before they begin assisting nursing care. Classes at HSEC can set you up with everything needed to be certified as a nursing assistant in just ten days! Intro courses are $350, but our more comprehensive courses start at $900. If you want the first standard of quality it's best for students on this career path to take the $2,500 CNA program materials set on why safety precautions should always be taken on top of giving instruction on basic nursing techniques. But at HSEC it's only $350!

Is CNA school in Tulsa offered online?

Becoming a nurse aide or really all jobs in the healthcare industry are hands-on. You'll need to be able to get to the nursing facility where the nursing assistant is employed. We don't offer online classes, but if you are in our area we are only about 15 minutes west of downtown Tulsa!

Will I learn CPR in nursing assistant school?

CPR certification is part of CNA classes, yes. See how many benefits there are to being a certified nursing assistant?

What is the best nursing assistant program in Oklahoma?

Call us biased but at HSEC we take pride in every nursing assistant program student passing their nursing assistant certification exam. We take nursing assistants seriously and it's important for students to understand the duties of nursing assistants, why safety precautions are taken in administering nursing care along with not only what is taught but how things are explained in our course materials.

How long is the nursing assistant class?

Our CNA Training is a 10 day class! Check out our nursing assistant program outline here! That's right our nursing assistant classes are only 10 days long.

What Does A CNA's "Office" Look Like?

The best part about working in health care is the abundance of options when it comes to your "office". You could be employed anywhere from a home health facility, hospital, nursing home, doctor's office or even a nursing service company.

Become a Certified Nursing Assistant Through HSEC

If you're looking for more information visit our nursing assistant program website or give HSEC a call at 918-812-0299.

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