How Long Does It Take To Get Your Nursing Certification In Tulsa Oklahoma

HSEC offers 10 day CNA training in Tulsa! You can get your complete training done in under two weeks!

The Health and Safety Education Center is a CNA technician school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer a 10 day comprehensive program for students who wish to become Certified Nursing Assistants. There are many programs out there that take 60+ hours over a month or more, but we the recent boom of healthcare workers due to Coronavirus Oklahoma has changed it's certification rules.

Have You Ever Considered A Career In Healthcare?

Tulsa CNA Training from HSEC gives the knowledge of how to provide basic care for patients under supervision. The training provides entry-level healthcare skills, including safety issues in a medical environment, anatomy and physiology, fundamentals of nursing, infection control standards, vital signs taking, personal hygiene protocols and more.

Become A Certified Nursing Assistant Through HSEC Tulsa

At HSEC Tulsa our CNA programs are designed to take students through the core 9 modules of our course in 10 days. This is based on the Oklahoma Department of Health rules and regulations for nurse aides, which requires minimum instruction time that includes both didactic and practical training.

Training programs designed to give you what you need and get you to work!

HSEC CNA training is designed to give you the knowledge and skills needed to be employed in the nursing field. Our 10 day course includes classroom instruction on all subjects, labs where you can practice your skills, patient care simulation where you will learn how to work with difficult patients, written tests, full certification testing on practical skills and CPR.

Nurse Aide Training Tulsa Oklahoma City OK

You're on the verge of a rewarding career !

This article has shown you how long it takes to get your nursing assistant certification in Tulsa. Now that you know, why not take the first step towards a rewarding career by enrolling at The Health and Safety Education Center (HSEC) today? We offer 10 day CNA training in Tulsa! You can get your complete training done in under two weeks! Our team of experts are ready and waiting for you to partner with us on this next chapter of your life.

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