How Long Does It Take To Become A CNA in Tulsa?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Back in the old days it could take up to six months to pass your CNA exam. Things have changed the Health & Safety Education Center in Tulsa offers a 10 Day CNA training program! If you're looking to get your CNA certification or perhaps eventually become a registered nurse this is a great place to start your nursing career!

Certified Nursing Assistants in Tulsa

Not all CNA classes are the same, so you want to start on the right foot with your nursing assistant education! At HSEC Tulsa we teach everything from patient care, clinical training, and other necessary skills.

To start your rewarding career in the healthcare field check out our courses at by clicking here. Remember our CNA training isn't four weeks, and it isn't one week either. This is a ten-day CNA training program in Tulsa OK.

CNA Classes Tulsa

Tulsa hosts several growing businesses including medical businesses. Our CNA training program offers incredible opportunities to advance and even work inside hospital environments through clinical training.

You can apply for CNA training classes through our website and start your new career in the healthcare world. If you have any questions feel free to contact us today!

Health and Safety Education Consultants Center Tulsa

The cost of tuition for our 10 day training course is usually $500, but we're having a special for $450 for our November and December CNA training classes. You can apply for financial aid through our partner Ms. Weary's Foundation.

Please consider taking part in our healthcare program in Tulsa!

CNA Jobs in Tulsa OK | HSEC Training Center

If you're already trained as a certified nurse assistant in Tulsa, or perhaps even if you aren't, our 10 day training program could be the best CNA job opportunity in town.

Our course fulfills the requirement of the State Board of Nursing and combines lecture sessions and clinical training. Students have to attend the classes regularly to graduate and prepare for the certification exams. CNA classes approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health start at $500, but our 10 day CNA classes are only $450.

CNA Classes Tulsa HSEC Training Center

Certified nurse aides are in high demand everywhere from Oklahoma City to Tulsa OK come along and get you a new career in health care. HSEC offers several training courses for this purpose.

CNA Tulsa

Choosing the right healthcare training facility can be daunting, but at HSEC we take all these worries away.

This is a 10 day CNA training program, Classes start at $450. For more information visit our website at Start a new career in Tulsa county as a nurse aide without going to Tulsa Tech. Pass your certification exam through our CNA training programs at HSEC.

CNA Training Programs

Hands around a health plus

Certified nursing assistant training that puts you in real healthcare facilities in Tulsa OK.

CNA training in Tulsa can be accomplished in 10 days, which is a great option for those who are looking to get started quickly. With our CNA courses approved by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and clinical training opportunities at various hospitals around town, you'll have no problem getting your foot in the door with this career opportunity. If you're already trained as a certified nurse assistant or if not, we offer an affordable CNA course that will prepare you for certification exams and provide valuable skillsets needed daily on the job. Ready to start your new nursing career? Apply today!

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