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At the state level, being a certified nursing assistant in Oklahoma requires that you:

The training and education requirements to become a CNA in Oklahoma are very similar regardless of whether one attends an online training program or at a traditional school. The most common educational requirement for CNAs is completion of an associate degree program which is at a minimum 120 hours.

To work as a Nurse Aide in a long-term care facility or nursing home longer than four months, you must obtain state certification during that time. The training and the competency exam are both required to be completed within those 120 days.

The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program

Military nurses, nursing students, and foreign nurses may immediately take the exam if they provide their paperwork in order to do so. Effective 14 June, 2009, Oklahoma requires all CNAs to have completed a ‘National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Competency Assessment’ prior to being able to take the State CNA Certification Examination. The purpose of this program is for CNAs throughout the United States to have a national standard certification process so that CNAs can move across state borders without having to re-take the certification exam. The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Competency Assessment is provided through training centers throughout the United States in both classroom settings and an Internet distance-learning format. Annually, Oklahoma's State Department of Health must approve all CNA Training Programs for compliance with Chapter 747 of Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes. Your CNA course will be approved if it meets the minimum requirements set forth by this regulation. After completing your program, you then need to register to take a competency exam which has been adopted by many states as their own licensure examination for nursing assistants. After passing this computerized test, called the Praxis II exam, you must then complete a background check that can be completed online or in-person at the State Department of Health. When all the requirements have been met the CNA candidate will be issued their license which is valid for five years from the date of issuance.

What Can I Do Once I'm Certified In Oklahoma?

Once certified as a CNA in Oklahoma, registered nurses who wish to work in certain clinical areas may now use CNAs as their supervisees and delegate to them privileges on their own authority without regard to whether they possess professional nursing licensure. The situation where assisted CNAs would assist licensed nurses (LN) with delegated responsibility must be approved by an administrator within each facility. If the administration approves this type of delegation, then these LNs can give full consent for the care given independently from what was ordered or prescribed by another physician thus leaving room for error if not properly supervised.

Oklahoma has made it easier than ever before for Registered Nurses that want specific job responsibilities like delegating tasks such as providing medical assistance to Certified Nursing Assistants

To be a CNA in Oklahoma here are the requirements

  • 18 years old

  • Consent to a OSBI background check

  • possess a valid state issued ID

  • High-School Diploma or a GED

  • Be able to lift 40 pounds

  • have liability insurance

To become a CNA in Oklahoma, you must meet the following requirements: 18 years old, consent to a OSBI background check, possess a valid state issued ID, high-school diploma or GED. You also need to be able to lift 40 pounds and have liability insurance. Your training will vary depending on whether you attend an online program or at traditional school but all CNAs are required to complete 120 hours of coursework (either through an associate degree program or by taking courses that may not count towards your degree).

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