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What Exactly Can I Expect Working As A CNA?

We're glad you asked! CNAs are integral to the functioning of health care. They provide the most direct patient care in many settings, as well as helping patients bathe and take vital signs. As a result of their involvement, they become familiar with our patients longer than anyone else on the team. At Health and Safety Education Consultants, we train you in real-world situations and prep for what you'll be doing in the field. We also want you to know that a CNA can work anywhere in the health field; it's not JUST about working in hospitals.

What Else Does A CNA Do?

CNA, or certified nursing assistants, are responsible for assisting patients in the hospital. Not only do they provide care directly to their patients, but they also work closely and spend a lot of time with them, observing changes that may go unnoticed by others.

Getting Down And Dirty

It means taking care of the less-glamorous but necessary tasks. Yes, we wipe toddlers' bums and clean their faces after meals. We take care of everything from changing diapers to wiping chins to handling other bodily functions when patients can no longer do these things themselves. But don't worry – we enjoy performing such tasks because patients deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. At Health and Safety Education Consultants in Tulsa, we recognize that this could happen to anybody, and they didn't expect it would ever happen to them.

How Fit Do I have To Be?

There are specific physical requirements to become a CNA. You don't have to be an Olympic weightlifter, but you should be able to help a patient get in and out of bed, stand (with your assistance), and transfer to a wheelchair with proper body mechanics. And remember, when in doubt, that's what teamwork is for!

Low Points

Some days are just more difficult than others, even in the best of jobs. We may be so busy that we forget how to take a break or go to the bathroom. Some of our patients need extra attention and care. That is when it can be most challenging, but tomorrow will bring new challenges and provide new opportunities for laughter with co-workers. Getting your CMA Certification from HESC is the first step to starting your career in the medical world in Tulsa!

High Points

Nothing will make you happier than seeing a patient smile after we have helped them with something they needed. The idea that your work has touched someone and improved their life is both exciting and special, as well as useful in making our jobs worthwhile. At HESC in Tulsa, we provide knowledge that can help people find fulfilling and lasting careers!

CMA Classes Tulsa

Health and Safety Education Consultants is having both CMA and CNA training classes starting August 16th, 2021. You can register directly from our website at We look forward to seeing you in the field of healthcare!

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