Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Frequently Asked Questions

The Health and Safety Education Center (HSEC) in Tulsa has been providing medical training to the Tulsa area for 6 years now. Visit us online at to get more information or to sign up today!

If you've ever considered a career in healthcare and want to know more about training for medical assisting, here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How Long Does It Take To Become a CMA In Oklahoma?

At the HSEC we offer a 10 Day Course to become a certified nursing assistant! Never before has the shortage of hospital staff been so great! Hospitals are always in need of great medical staff because of the vast amount of patients. The HSEC can get you qualified and certified to step right into a healthcare position!

Can You Become A CMA Online?

Currently it is not possible to complete CMA training online. The healthcare industry is a hands on field . CMA certification requires complete hands on experience to be successful. Don't worry the career readiness training from other certified nurse aides who work in health care will give you everything you need to succeed in our program.

What does CMA stand for?

CMA stands for Certified Medical Assistant. HSEC offers a robust 10 day course to become a certified medical assistant.

Why train to be a CMA at HSEC Tulsa?

The Health and Safety Education Center is the best place to get your CMA certification in Oklahoma. Our medical assistant program is a robust 10-day course that offers you all the skills and hands on training to become a certified medical assistant.

Our Medical Assistant Program at HSEC

Learn everything from how to monitor patients, check vital signs, administer medication, We also teach you about medical terminology, insurance billing, and payment, anatomy and physiology, first aid procedures, CPR certification.

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